CHS Homecoming Friday

Activities planned 

Bonfire - Thursday - 8:15 p.m. - East side of Ruddick Park

Pep Rally - Friday - 2:15 p.m. - The Pit at CMS

Homecoming Parade - Friday - 4:30 p.m. - Downtown C-City

Wolves vs. Clyde - Friday - 7:30 p.m. - Wolf Stadium

State Park has activities for everyone

Campfires, birding workshops, kayaking

Superintendent Kyle O'Haver holds several types of programs at Lake Colorado City State Park to appeal to everyone. The first installment of All Around the Campfire started this weekend. 

Hospital's health fair draws crowd

Over 300 came out for the free services and information

Mitchell County Hospital's lab department performed free tests and a flu immunization clinic was held as part of the health fair. 

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  • TLR Energy Services, Inc. held a grand opening in January of 2013, and according to manager Larry Williams, business has been good. As a matter of fact, the business is in the process of expanding due to high demand of the services and products provided.The company performs welding and fabrication primarily used in water transfer for oilfield companies, but they also do fabrication and welding for...
  • By Travis W. EdwardsSuperintendent, Loraine ISDRecently, the Loraine ISD Board of Trustees adopted a balanced budget of nearly two million dollars and set the tax rate for the 2014-2015 school year. The Maintenance and Operations (M&O) tax rate was adopted at $1.17 and the Interest & Sinking (I&S) tax rate was set at $.2918 for an overall tax rate of $1.4618 per $100 of valuation. The ...
  • Poor weather conditions last Friday night at Wolf Stadium didn’t affect the offense from Colorado City and Brownfield. Both teams put up over 600 yards of offense, while scoring 10 touchdowns.Senior runningback David Sanchez scored 4 touchdowns and rushed for 153 yards to lead the Wolves’ offensive efforts in a 42-25 victory over Brownfield.
  • The museum board hosted an open house Monday night featuring a traveling exhibit made possible by the Texas Humanities Resource Center. A small group gathered to hear local citizens talk about some of the historic buildings downtown.The Way Things Were is a photographic essay on rural Texans and their buildings from 1850 to 1940. The exhibit is a glimpse into the history of ordinary people in Texa...


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LISD to upgrade Johnson Field

lorainebulldogAfter deliberating for one and a half years and holding a community forum, the Loraine ISD Board of Trustees have decided to upgrade the bleachers, lights, and concession/restroom building at Johnson Field. There will be no additional burden or tax increase to local taxpayers as the Loraine Education Foundation will fund the improvements.
The foundation was formed through an agreement with two wind energy companies who operate wind turbines within the boundaries of Loraine’s school district. The companies pay yearly proceeds into the foundation, and the LISD Board of Trustees have the duty of allocating those funds. In the past, the foundation funds have been used for scholarships and other projects.
Roughly 40 people attended a community forum on April 14th and viewed a presentation from Superintendent Travis W. Edwards regarding the possibility of renovating the stadium. Each person in attendance was encouraged to complete a survey indicating their views regarding the improvements.
A vast majority of Loraine citizens were in agreement that the upgrades were necessary and that the district should proceed accordingly. “Community input is invaluable,” Edwards said Monday. “The board is very conscious of spending the foundation’s funds, and they want to do what is best for the community with that money.”
On April 21st, the LISD Board of Trustees approved the bids for the new lighting and new bleachers at the football field. The winning bids were awarded to Techline Sports Lighting of Austin in the amount of $160,000 and Southern Bleachers of Graham in the amount of $157,040. Currently, bids are being solicited for construction of the 1000 square foot concession/restroom building.
Bids will be opened on May 13th. After that time period, bids will be tabulated, evaluated, and considered at a later board meeting for possible acceptance.
Edwards said that since bids have been accepted for the lighting and bleachers, demolition and reconstruction in those areas will begin before the end of school in May. The construction of a new restroom/concession building is a bigger project, but Edwards said he’s hoping for completion before football season begins again.

Ortiz is CCPD's newest officer

newpoliceofficerortizLee Ortiz was sworn in on Monday as Colorado City’s newest police officer. Ortiz, who is 40, currently lives in Snyder and is looking forward to moving to town soon.
Along with a penchant for curbing crime, Ortiz brings 17 years of experience to the department. He has worked as a deputy with the Garza County Sheriff’s Office, the Scurry County Sheriff’s Office and as an officer for the Snyder Police Department.
While working as an officer in Snyder, Ortiz had the opportunity to work with Luis Aguilar, who is now CCPD Chief. “He’s a good guy and we work well together,” Ortiz said Monday.
Ortiz also played a part in an incident that resulted in the shooting of Corporal Darrell Campbell. In 2011, Ortiz was with Campbell as they responded to a call. Campbell was shot in the head, and Ortiz responded by shooting and killing the suspect, David Birmingham. His actions are credited as possibly saving Campbell’s life.
Because of his quick response, Ortiz was awarded two Medals of Valor and one Medal of Honor by the Snyder Police Department. He was also named Officer of the Year and Employee of the Year in 2011.
When he’s not on duty, Ortiz enjoys fishing and spending time with family. He said he also tries to play golf.
“We’re glad to have him here,” Lt. John Bivins said. “He brings a lot of law enforcement experience to the table.”

New clinic plans approved

hospitalboardclinicplansA small quorum of hospital board members met last Thursday to take a final look and approve the plans for the new rural health clinic to be built on the Mitchell County Hospital grounds. The board approved the plans, with a few minor changes suggested by hospital CEO Robbie Dewberry, who forwarded them on to the state.
Dewberry said that the state typically takes six to eight weeks to review, suggest changes and/or approve plans. He expects to be able to break ground on the new construction within the next three months.
Because the hospital has been paying of debt, the clinic will be built without having to go out for bonds. It will be financed by the district, something of which Dewberry and the board is very proud.
The new facility will be much larger than the existing clinic, with 12,000 square feet. The extra room allows for more space for existing healthcare providers and enough space for an office and patient rooms for an additional provider. The board and administrators took into consideration the expected growth of Colorado City’s population in the coming years, and decided to plan for an additional doctor if the need arises.
The clinic allows each doctor or healthcare practitioner to have three patient rooms. Dr. Moses, MCHD’s on-staff surgeon, will also have an office and a patient room in the building.
At one time, the facility was planned with the idea of sharing a waiting room area with the existing clinic which will be used as a Specialty Clinic. However, after discussing plans with the staff physicians, the new clinic will have a waiting room of iown. Patients seeing Specialty Clinic physicians will use the existing waiting room for their visits. The new facility’s waiting room will have 52-55 chairs, along with other furniture.
The new clinic will be constructed just north of Family Medical Associates, and a parking lot will be added which will wrap around and provide an extra 50 to 60 parking spaces.
Large fans will be installed in the facility, helping to cool the building which will be partially warmed through natural sunlight, making the building more energy efficient.
The reception area will be placed and covered more appropriately to ensure patients’ privacy compliant with the HiPPA laws. Each patient room will be outfitted with a curtain, protecting patients’ identity when the doors are opened.An intercom will be installed throughout the building and extend into each patient room.
A conference room was a featured addition to the project. The room will come equipped with a pull-down screen and projector. The family of Brenda Oliver has expressed their wish to furnish the conference room.
Board President Jerry Reynolds asked if the doctors on staff at the hospital were pleased with the plans, and Dewberry answered affirmatively. He said that the initial plans were hung on the wall, and clinic employees were asked to give their input and changes were made to accommodate many.
Clinic Director Murray Hall said the architects came to Family Medical Associates and talked with the physicians to get their input as plans were being drawn up. “It seems everyone has done a good job of communicating,” Reynolds said.
Chief of Staff Dr. Dee Roach said that he is happy about the addition of the new facility. “We’re excited about getting started on new projects,” he said. “I think it will offer opportunities to provide better services to the community.”
A short discussion about a planned board retreat took place before the board convened in closed session to address personnel issues. When the open meeting reconvened, Hollis Gainey was designated to serve as the board’s secretary, a position formerly held by Bobbie Banks.

Lions donate to eyeglass center

lionsclubeyeglassesThe program at the weekly Lions Club meeting was presented by Carolyn Keskitalo of the Texas Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center (TLERC) in Midland on Friday. The local club donates regularly to the charitable center.
Like many Lions programs, the TLERC was a dream of a few Lions that were determined to make a difference in people’s lives. Lion Ike Fitzgerald saw eyeglasses being thrown away, and he thought that the pairs could be recycled to provide clearer vision to those who could not afford vision correction on their own.
Keskitalo said that over 200,000 pairs of glasses come through the Midland center each year. The center serves 16 districts in the state and have sent orders as far as Granada, Peru, Africa and many other countries.
Texas Lions lead all other states in providing the gift of sight. On Friday, the center in Midland had 18 orders pending, and Keskitalo said that there would be additions to the list waiting for her return to the center.
The center is constantly taking orders and donations, and two full-time staff members, along with the help of volunteers, sort eyeglasses to fill the orders. Used eyeglasses are always welcome donations, but the center does not take cases as they cannot be sterilized.
A simple pair of used glasses can be recycled and shipped for a total cost of 15 cents. The center ships the glasses in the U.S. and Canada, but mission teams deliver the glasses when they are sent overseas.
Training is held the first Wednesday through Sunday of each month for volunteers, and Lions from all over the country visit the center and volunteer their help. The center sees so many volunteers visiting that a bunkhouse has been constructed to provide volunteers with rooms overnight. Available hotel rooms have become scarce and costly in the face of the West Texas oil expansion occurring in the Permian Basin.
The Midland center has four satellite bases in the state, one in Corpus Christ, one in San Angelo, one in the Dallas area and one in far east Texas.
A children’s program has been instated by the center. Children can see an optometrist where they will receive a prescription if necessary, and the prescriptions are then forwarded to the center where orders are filled and glasses are sent to families not able to provide vision correction on their own.
Keskitalo lauded the volunteers and businesses that make the charity successful. She said an eyeglass frame company provides free children’s frames, and there have been up to 29 pallets of frames stored at the center at one time.
Thanks to donations and volunteer help, the cost of a new pair of child’s glasses runs between $14 and $18. The small amount of $2.75 in postage gets the glasses to a child needing vision correction.
“It’s a great bargain,” Keskitalo said.
Anyone who notices a child may need glasses is urged to contact the school nurse. Lions conduct free vision screenings and have state-of-the-art machines to help in the process.
The Pedia machine is taken to area school districts where trained workers conduct tests.
She invited local Lions to visit the center. “Come see what you’re part of,” she said. “Thank you for the glasses. We will put them to very good use.”

Fundraisers help Herrera family

herrerabootdriveAs many already know, a fatal vehicle accident that occurred in Ward County Saturday, March 22nd, took the lives of three people and now a fourth victim of the accident has also died. The victims of the wreck were family members of Loraine’s George Herrera, and Mitchell County residents are stepping up to help raise money for the family.
Herrera lost his son, seven-year-old granddaughter and ex-wife in the accident, and his five-year-old granddaughter died Monday as a result of injuries she sustained in the crash. Herrera’s daughter-in-law, Veronica, is in an Odessa hospital in critical condition.
The crash happened at the intersection of FM 1776 and FM 1219 in Ward County on March 22nd at about 4:18 p.m. According to the Odessa American, the driver of a 2011 GMC pickup, Erick Ibarra of Athens, disregarded a stop sign on FM 1219 and collided with the Herrera family’s vehicle being driven by the Loraine man’s son, Anthony George Herrera.
Anthony, age 30, was killed, along with Diane Lopez Herrera, 51, and Kiana Woodruff, 7. The three were pronounced dead at 5 p.m. Herrera’s five-year-old granddaughter died in a Lubbock hospital on Monday.
Herrera is a Correctional Officer at the Wallace Unit in Colorado City, and his TDCJ family went to work right away to help raise money to offset expenses being incurred due to the accident. Last week, officers at the Wallace/Ware complex held a boot drive, where donations were put into boots by prison personnel coming to work.
According to prison employee Josie Ortegon, Herrera’s fellow workers hoped to raise at least $1,000 for the family. However, citizens of Mitchell County had other plans.
When the fundraiser was over for the day, over $5,700 had been raised for the Herrera family. Ortegon said that they were overwhelmed with the response the fundraiser drew from citizens around the county. Officers collected money at the beginning of each shift, and every time the boots were out for donations, prison employees and area residents came in droves to donate.
“The community was awesome,” Ortegon said Monday. “It made you proud to live in Colorado City.”
With the added cost of another funeral weighing on the family, TDCJ personnel are planning to hold another fundraiser. On Saturday, April 5th, hamburgers will be sold in the Curves parking lot on Hickory Street, across from the Hamburger Shoppe.
Burgers, drinks and chips will be sold for $6 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. or until they sell out. All proceeds will be donated to the Herrera family to offset expenses.

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